About the Regulatory Cooperation Council

Prime Minister Harper and President Obama released the RCC Action Plan on December 7, 2011 and, a year later, the Canada-United States RCC Joint Action Plan Progress Report.

The goal of the Canada-U.S. RCC is to better align our regulatory systems and boost North American trade and competitiveness.  This will generate a range of benefits for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.  

Work underway covers 29 specific initiatives in four main sectors (agriculture and food, transportation, health and personal care products, environment).  The nature of the work includes:

    • pilot projects,
    • scientific and technical collaborations,
    • harmonized testing procedures,
    • joint standards, etc. 

Bi-national working groups are well advanced in implementing the detailed work plans developed for each of the 29 regulatory cooperation initiatives and interim milestones are being achieved.  Work plans cover both specific misalignments to be resolved and the broader goal of examining what would be required to secure greater ongoing alignment.

Progress to Date

The December 2012 Canada-United States RCC Joint Action Plan Progress Report to Leaders, and Economic Action Plan 2013 highlighted early progress in Canada-United States regulatory cooperation.

Under the RCC Joint Action Plan, examples of early deliverables by regulators in Canada and the United States in 2012 include the development of detailed implementation work plans for each of the 29 initiatives; the launch of pilot projects for simultaneous submissions to regulators in both countries for crop protection products; and simultaneous reviews by regulators in both countries in the area of veterinary drugs.

From August 24 to November 8, 2013, the Canada-United States RCC sought input from stakeholders to inform it’s approach to a potential next phase of regulatory cooperation between the two countries.  This input will be considered as we continue bilateral discussions on how to expand and secure ongoing regulatory cooperation efforts between Canada and the U.S.


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