Responsible Resource Development Creates Jobs for Canadians

February 18, 2013

Under Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012, Responsible Resource Development is growing the economy now and for the future. Automatic Coating Limited is marketing its environment-friendly products to the oil and gas industry and creating quality jobs.



Interview with President, Vice President and Managers of Automatic Coating Limited


Five years ago, we saw a sharp decline in manufacturing. A lot of our existing customers’ products were going offshore. We had to make a radical change in the way we did business and we looked for products that were going to be here for a long time in Canada. So we went for tanks, oil and gas pipeline, things that wouldn’t be brought in from offshore.


So we developed some coating pieces of equipment that would go out into the field and automatically strip, blast and coat in a very environmentally friendly way, pipelines that are existing into the fields. If it hadn’t been for the oil and gas sector when all of those companies were moving their fabrication offshore, our company wouldn’t be where it is today and we would have had to lay off more people. But it’s through innovation, design and new technologies that we’ve been able to grow the company, we’ve been able to hire new people, we’ve been able to sustain jobs here in Ontario.


With the economic downturn, we were getting slow, we were working 6 hours, we were basically struggling to get jobs in. We’re in the powder coating industry only, we were trying to figure out how to diversify.


As we look at technology, we look at growing the company. We’ve been able to grow jobs here in Ontario at all different levels from engineers, to millwrights, to folks that are out doing coating in the field


We’ve increased our employment by about 20% strictly through doing work for the oil and gas industry here in Ontario


Now we’ve just grown significantly. Everybody is very happy, it’s a great group of people, everybody works as a big family here.


We’re at a point right now where we’re bigger than we’ve ever been and all of that is that is due to our investment in new technology, and innovation in the natural resource sector and the pipeline industry.

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