Improving fire protection services

October 23, 2012

Under Canada’s Economic Action Plan (EAP), the federal government, invested in two new fire stations, serving the communities of Tantallon, Hubley and Herring Cove in the Halifax Regional Municipality.



Here we are building a new station to replace the old, existing station next door.

The existing station is quite old, 50 years old, and it’s in dyer need of some repairs.

This new station in the community of Herring Cove, will allow for better response, better equipment and even increased staff.

This area is growing quite rapidly; you are only approximately 20 minutes from the downtown core, so it’s growing really fast.

With the stimulus funding, we have been able to get this station built a lot quicker.

We would look under normal circumstances probably a 5 year project where this we have been able to get it constructed within a year.

It’s also increased the jobs in the area for a lot of the trades people we were lucky enough to get stimulus funding to construct this new station here.

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