Skills training is a central element of the Economic Action Plan. There are too many jobs that go unfilled in Canada because employers can’t find workers with the right skills. Meanwhile, there are still too many Canadians looking for work.

The Economic Action Plan introduces key measures to connect Canadians with available jobs by equipping them with the skills and training they need to obtain high-quality, well-paying jobs. It is also helping businesses in vital sectors find the talent they need to remain competitive domestically and internationally.

Find out more about the initiatives, programs and services that ensure that Canada’s economy will create good jobs to sustain a higher quality of life for hard-working Canadian families, and that position the country for success in the 21st century global economy.

Skilled Trades Students

Skills Training

Through the Economic Action Plan, the Government is transforming the way in which Canadians access the training they need to get jobs in high-demand fields. These include skilled trades, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
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The Government recognizes the importance of apprentices and has created various federal programs to support apprentices and the employers that hire them.
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Continuing Education

Under the Economic Action Plan, the Government is helping Canadians to further their education so that they can get high-quality jobs in high-demand fields.
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Find out how the Economic Action Plan is providing young Canadians with access to the information and opportunities necessary to make informed training and employment choices and gain valuable skill sets.
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Persons with Disabilities

Increasing the economic and social inclusion of persons with disabilities requires a joint effort on the part of governments, businesses, educational institutions, community agencies, and individuals and their families. There are many federal programs that support persons with disabilities in obtaining employment opportunities.
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Aboriginal Peoples

Canada’s young Aboriginal population has tremendous potential for long-term success and economic prosperity, but remains underrepresented in both the labour market and in post-secondary institutions.
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Older Worker

Older Workers

The Government is helping older workers to stay in or return to the workforce. It is helping them gain access to the training and employment programs they need. It is also connecting employers with experienced workers over 50 who are looking for jobs to match their skills.
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The Government is strengthening Canada’s immigration system, moving to one that is proactive and helps to foster economic growth and ensure long-term prosperity for all Canadians.
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