Prosperity Across Canada

Investing in Individuals, Families and Communities for Prosperity

Canada has one of the most prosperous and competitive economies in the world. The Government of Canada is focused on enabling the prosperity of all Canadians, across this great nation. Tax and pension reform, support for small businesses and infrastructure priorities will help further strengthen our economy, and facilitate strong and prosperous communities.

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Support for Individuals and Families

With a commitment to help Canadian families thrive, targeted programs, initiatives and funding priorities have been created. Tax reform, pension reform and support for small businesses all allow Canadians to save on taxes and keep more of their hard-earned money, thus boosting the economy.  [More. . .] 


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Support for Small Business

Canada’s small businesses are engines for job creation that boost economic growth, representing 48 percent of the total labour force in the private sector, and contributing approximately 30 percent to Canada's GDP . The federal government recognizes the important contribution made by small businesses across the country and the challenges they face.  [More. . .]


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Support for Communities and Regions

Across Canada, infrastructure projects continue to lay the foundation for future growth and prosperity. Infrastructure projects and initiatives help to build stronger communities, increase access to services and create both short-term and long-term jobs. This all results in economic growth.   [More. . .]


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