International Education Strategy

The Government of Canada has an important role to play in fostering international cooperation in higher education and to that end it announced funding for the development of a comprehensive international education strategy in Economic Action Plan 2011.  Following extensive consultations and after receiving recommendations from an Advisory Panel, the result is Canada’s International Education Strategy - the blueprint to attract talent to Canada and prepare our country for the 21st century.

About the Initiative

Canada’s new International Education Strategy is designed to maintain and enhance Canada’s global position in higher education. The comprehensive plan sets targets to attract more international researchers and students to Canada, deepen the research links between Canadian and foreign educational institutions and establish a pan-Canadian partnership with provinces and territories and all key education stakeholders, including the private sector.

Who Will Benefit

International collaboration in higher education contributes to success on many levels—both domestically and globally. Inviting international students and researchers into Canada's classrooms and laboratories helps create new jobs and opportunities for Canadians while addressing looming skills and labour shortages. Perhaps most importantly, international education fuels the people-to-people ties crucial to long-term success in an increasingly interconnected global economy.

International students in Canada also provide immediate and significant economic benefits to Canadians in every region of the country. Data for 2012 show that 265,400 international students spent a total of some $8.4 billion in communities across Canada, helping sustain 86,570 Canadian jobs. Additionally, the activities of international students helped generate more than $455 million in federal and provincial tax revenues.

Initiative Update

Announced on January 15, 2014, Canada’s new International Education Strategy envisions a more prosperous, more innovative and more competitive Canada that capitalizes on our vast advantages, and the many opportunities that exist.

The strategy will help Canada build on its already strong education advantages and performance. Capitalizing on these vast opportunities will create jobs and economic growth and help Canada retain and enhance its global leadership position and become more prosperous, innovative and competitive.

A priority sector and key component of Canada’s new Global Markets Action Plan, which seeks to advance Canada’s commercial interests in priority markets, international education is critical to Canada's success. In a highly competitive, knowledge-based global economy, ideas and innovation go hand in hand with job creation and economic growth.

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For more information, please visit Canada’s International Education Strategy

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