Amending Mining Regulations

The Metal Mining Effluent Regulations provide the means through which specific metal mining activity can occur while imposing appropriate environmental constraints. They do not, however, currently apply to diamond and coal mining.

About the Initiative

Environment Canada is responsible for administering the key pollution prevention provisions under the Fisheries Act, including the associated Metal Mining Effluent Regulations. These regulations prescribe controls on the effluents and waste rock that can be deposited into certain bodies of water. To address an existing regulatory gap and provide greater certainty for the mining industry in Canada, Economic Action Plan 2012 proposed $1 million over two years to Environment Canada to consider expanding the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations to diamond and coal mines.

Who Will Benefit

Expanding the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations would provide diamond- and coal-mining companies with increased regulatory certainty. As a result, mine operators will know what their effluent-treatment facilities must achieve.

Initiative Update

Consultations with industry, environmental and Aboriginal organizations, and others who may be impacted by these proposed changes are currently under way.

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For more information, please visit Environment Canada’s website.

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