Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity

Canada’s Economic Action Plan is Working for Canadians

Canada's Economic Action Plan includes measures and programs that are helping fuel job creation, grow our economy and increase Canada's long-term prosperity. The Government of Canada is committed to achieving these priorities and is focusing on the drivers of job creation and growth—innovation, investment, skills and communities—and to keeping taxes low and returning to budget balance over the medium term.

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Jobs and Job Creation

Job creation remains a top priority, along with helping workers get better jobs. Apprenticeship grants, retraining programs, support resources, and funding are ensuring that Canadians have access to the training, development and career advancement required for success in today’s global economy. [More. . .]


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Growth Through Innovation

The global economy is changing. Competition for the brightest minds is intensifying. The pace of technological change is creating new opportunities while making older business practices obsolete. Canada's long-term economic competitiveness in the knowledge economy demands globally competitive businesses that innovate and create high-quality jobs. [More. . .]


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Prosperity Across Canada

The Government is committed to ensuring individuals, businesses and communities have the resources and programs they need to prosper. The Economic Action Plan offers support measures to help relieve the financial pressure on families and businesses. Across Canada, infrastructure projects continue to lay the foundation for future growth and prosperity. [More. . .]


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