Beyond the Border

Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness

On February 4, 2011, the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States issued Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness. The Declaration established a new long-term partnership built upon a perimeter approach to security and economic competitiveness. This means working together, not just at the border, but beyond the border to enhance our security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods and services.
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Addressing threats at the earliest possible point is essential to strengthen the shared security of our countries and enable us to improve the free flow of legitimate goods and people across the Canada-United States border.
Creating more openness at the land border for legitimate travel and trade will allow for the free flow of goods and services between Canada and the United States. This creates immense economic benefits for both countries.
Integrated cross-border law enforcement operations deepen cooperative investigation and prosecution efforts to identify and stop the border crossing of criminals.
Strengthening cooperation on international cybersecurity and Internet governance issues promotes prosperity, enhances security, and preserves openness in the networked world.
The Border Action Plan contains a wide array of detailed initiatives that require careful management in the implementation phase. It is critical that the Canada-United States partnership be effectively managed and coordinated.

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