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Canada's Economic Action Plan (EAP) provides assistance to educational or not-for-profit organizations. You can select one of the following links to see a complete list of initiatives of interest to the following sectors:

AgriInvest is a federal-provincial program designed to encourage farmers, through government-matched contributions, to set aside earnings in order to provide coverage against income declines.
Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants are harmful to Canadians' health, degrade the environment, and contribute to climate change.
As part of the Government's effort to strengthen Canada's research advantage, Budget 2011 announces $53.5 million over five years to support the creation of 10 new Canada Excellence Research Chairs.
Have you recently arrived in Canada? Ensuring that foreign credentials are quickly and fairly assessed in Canada helps highly skilled newcomers find work related to their training, allowing them to quickly contribute to Canada’s economy.  

Economic Action Plan 2012 proposes $47 million over two years to the Northern Pipeline Agency.

The Government continues to support the Canadian sport system and Canadian athletes.

Economic Action Plan 2012 proposes $17 million over two years to further develop alternatives to existing isotope production technologies.

Attracting more international students and researchers to Canada will create jobs and economic growth, expand our people-to-people ties in priority markets, showcase Canadian research excellence abroad, help produce a more skilled workforce and foster closer ties between Canadian and international educational institutions.
Through the stimulus phase of the Economic Action Plan, investments in social housing supported the construction and renovation of over 11,350 existing social housing renovation projects administered by provinces and territories nationwide. The Government of Canada invested an additional $150 million toward nearly 1,310 projects to renovate and retrofit federally administered social housing.
Through the stimulus phase of the Economic Action Plan, the government invested $200 million toward 210 social housing construction and renovation projects in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.


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