Responsible Resource Development Spin-off Industries Create Economic Growth

February 28, 2013

Responsible Resource Development (RRD) under Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 supports natural resource projects that create jobs for Canadians in every sector of our economy and in every region of the country.

Natural resources account for 15 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP) and 50 percent of our exports. When you include the spin-off industries that provide goods and services to the sector, natural resources account for close to 20 percent of our GDP—nearly a fifth of our economy.

Watch the video below for a real account of how RRD grows jobs in a spin-off industry. Hear Canadians tell us in their own words how economic growth through responsible resource development is changing their lives, helping them to prosper and fulfill their dreams. Witness their pride in well-paid jobs in a modern industry that upholds environmental and safety standards.

Click here to learn more about how RRD is growing jobs and the economy while protecting the environment and benefitting all Canadians.

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