Natural Resources: Staples of Canada’s Economy

March 5, 2013

Canada has enormous natural wealth, from huge reserves of energy to massive tracts of forest and an abundance of minerals and metals.

Under Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the plan for RRD achieves the right balance to unleash the potential of our resource sectors to create high-value jobs across Canada while strengthening safety and environmental protection.

Watch the video below to learn how RRD of Canada’s natural resources is an integral benefit to all Canadians.

Transcriptfor Greg Farrant (OFAH) - Responsible Resource Development Conserves Canada's Natural Resources

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Major Projects Management Office

The Major Projects Management Office initiative has helped to transform the approvals process for major natural resource projects by shortening the average review times from 4 years to just 22 months, and improving accountability by monitoring the performance of federal regulatory departments.

Aboriginal Consultations

At the Crown-First Nations Gathering in Ottawa in January 2012, the Prime Minister renewed his commitment to increasing economic opportunities for Aboriginal Canadians.

Click here to learn more about how RRD major projects that create thousands of jobs and economic development opportunities in communities across Canada.

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