Encouraging Canada’s Next Generation in Skilled Trades and Technology

May 29, 2013

Jobs in the skilled trades and technology are high-quality, well-paying and offer exciting careers for life. They can give you opportunities to advance to supervisory and management roles. You can even open your own business.

Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, re-entering it, or changing careers, you should consider a skilled trade. The opportunities are endless!

And skilled trades and technology careers are important for Canada’s economy. Businesses in key sectors need skilled workers. Encouraging careers in the skilled trades is a win-win proposition!

This is why the Government and industry leaders are informing Canadians about job and training opportunities in skilled trades. The national, not-for-profit organization Skills Canada is hosting the 2013 Skills Canada National Competition June 5–8. This event brings together over 500 young people from all regions of Canada to compete in over 40 trade and technology areas.

Canada’s television personality and professional contractor Mike Holmes knows about the importance of Skills Canada. He encourages young Canadians to enter the building trades, and sees the benefits of embarking a career in the skilled trades.

Check out the many skills training initiatives and apprenticeship opportunities under Canada’s Economic Action Plan!

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