Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs

February 27, 2013

Through the Economic Action Plan, the Government has introduced several new measures that would provide Employment Insurance (EI ) claimants with additional supports to enable quicker returns to work while clarifying what is expected of them while looking for work.

Canada is taking action to connect unemployed workers with available jobs by:

  • enhancing labour market information including online job postings to support job search activities;
  • clarifying the definition of “suitable work” and “reasonable job search” for both EI regular and fishing claimants;
  • better connecting the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the EI program to help ensure Canadians are considered before temporary foreign workers; and
  • working closely with interested provinces and territories to make skills training and job search supports available to EI claimants earlier in their claim.

The Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs initiative will help unemployed people receiving EI benefits stay connected with available jobs that match their skills and are in their local area, and will provide them with the additional support to help them find work.

Click here to read more about working while claiming Employment Insurance.

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